Mobile Washer And Dryer Trailer

Our Project:

We will orchestrate the ability to allow the underserved and unserved to launder their clothing and accessories via a mobile trailer that contains multiple washers and dryers using self contained water receptacles. Individuals would have the opportunity to access the washers and dryers without being charged any fees or the need for laundry detergent for a set amount of time to accomplish their needs.

Community Benefits:

The benefits of laundered and clean clothing enhance a person’s confidence, reduces germs and allergens, reduces odors, contributes to the preservation of the items and motivational and social opportunities. The persons involved have the ability to focus on other factors to propel their lifestyle in a positive and mutually beneficial scenario knowing the crucial factor of sustained clothing is resolved with the secure knowledge of free laundering access. This will allow individuals experiencing this endeavor to be more sociable and confident as the perceived offensiveness of odor and uncleanliness is no longer present in their interactions.