First Responder and Front Line Worker Rejuvenation Program

Our Project:

A 2 story, quadruple unit complex will be constructed to house our first responders and front line workers that must be rejuvenated from COVID-19 exposure. Each person will have a permanent housing scenario with the units properly maintained by the owners and tenants alike. Their stay will be unaffected by diminishing factors such as breakdowns and unanticipated hardships making daily living arrangements less of a barrier. 

Community Benefits:

The overall community impact will be to minimize the exposure and spread of COVID-19 by allowing individuals to self-quarantine that are at risk of or have been diagnosed with the illness. This project will rejuvenate and empower individuals to achieve a productive lifestyle without the stigma of hardship and isolation. Keeping the units in good working order without adverse conditions is an approach that yields positive outcomes rather than the residents being concerned about the place in which they reside. Studies have shown that when a person is focused on the debilitating factors of their residence, their overall health suffers because they cannot focus on the programs, services and wellness initiatives that are available to them from organizations providing these life-saving opportunities.